Jordan Eudine

Born and raised in Normandy’s capital city of Saint-lô which was 95% destroyed in June 1944 by the Allied Forces’ carpet bombing, Jordan has spent years on the Normandy’s Beaches guiding and keeping alive the stories of the war that changed the course of history.
His family survived the Nazi Occupation, the D-Day Invasion and the reconstruction period of Normandy. Throughout his life, he was surrounded by family and friends who lived this dark period first hand. He had met more veterans of WWII than most guides in Normandy and has dedicated his entire life to the mission of sharing the first-hand accounts with the future generations.
Having lived and worked in the hospitality industry in Malta, Jordan developed a particular interest in following the footsteps of his Norman ancestors throughout the Mediterranean region. The Normans conquered Malta in 1090, bringing an end to the Arab rule of Malta and declaring the territory as part of the new Kingdom of Sicily. Jordan pursued his interest in medieval history throughout his own region of Normandy. Today, he gives dynamic presentations guiding visitors to the great sites like Mont St Michel.