Leon GAUTIER and his fake biography

The family of Léon Gautier, who was among the 177 French soldiers landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944, is filing a complaint against a biography riddled with errors.

The biography titled ‘Léon Gautier, Life After the War’ supposedly portrays his post-war life but contains so many inaccuracies and even lies that the family of the former Kieffer commando, who passed away few months ago, is taking legal action. Reviews on some websites where the book is available, echo the same sentiments, denouncing the errors within the book, including the fabrication of a detention in Germany.

The lack of credibility in the book is evident even in an excerpt where it prompts the reader to discover within its pages ‘a mystery waiting to be unraveled: the tragic disappearance of Léon Gautier  exploring possible reasons for his disappearance,’ despite the fact that the former soldier passed away at the age of 100 with a lung infection.

Another striking indication noted by the Gautier family is  actually the cover photo showing a beret and insignia placed upside down.

Regarding the author, named Grace Shawn, there is no trace to be found so there is a possibility of an author assisted by artificial intelligence.

Leon Gautier’s funeral, July 2023