If you want a tour that visits all the main sites in the Airborne sector of the D-Day Normandy landing beaches and, want to book individual seats, then this is the tour for you!




DEPARTURE : 9:30 am

departure from Bayeux, Place de Quebec

Duration of the visit : 8.5 hours

Price : 130€ / per person


Starting at a convenient hour, this tour is designed to allow you to have breakfast in your hotel before meeting your guide at the tour departure point in the center of Bayeux. Once onboard, you will be transported in a modern air-conditioned van/ bus to experience the highlights of the Airborne sector, the most western edge of the Normandy landings on june 6th, 1944.

you will have the privilege of seeing Saint-Mère-Eglise or Brecourt Manor, and many other places where Easy Company and members of the Screaming Eagles stayed during the first days of the Invasion.

Our seasoned guides will take you on a journey of discovery, bringing you closer to the action. You will have lasting memories of your visit including, walking the grounds of the Normandy American Cemetery while Taps is being played.


  • Maximum of 20 clients per tour
  • Tour delivered in English only!
  • Experienced professional guides
  • Guided visits and occasions to take photos and explore


We like to run on schedule and if you are not at the departure point by the advertised boarding time, we will depart. There will be others on board that have arrived as requested and we do not want to impact their experience. If you do arrive late, you will need to take a cab at your own expense to catch up with the tour. We strongly advise you to arrive early for the tour as no refunds will be considered if you miss the service.


This small Norman town was situated on the main N13 road that linked Cherbourg to Bayeux and Caen. This was the main route that both Germans and Americans would have to utlise to mobilise much needed equipment during the battle of Normandy. Sainte Mere Eglise was an objective for 82nd Airborne Paratroopers and has been made famous by the movie, The Longest Day. American Paratrooper John Steele was unfortunate to get caught on the church steeple during the drop.


The mortal ferocity of the four-day battle for control of the small stone bridge over the Merderet River at La Fière is testament to the bridge’s strategic importance in the D-Day invasion. fought mainly by paratroopers and glidermen from the 82nd Airborne, the battle to secure the bridge at La Fière is described as “probably the bloodiest small unit struggle in the experience of American arms.”


As we drive, we will show you some of the typical hedgerow terrain that the allies had to battle through. We will explain how the Germans utilized the countryside to their defensive advantage and how the allies overcame them.


Fans of Band of Brothers will love this short stop. We will show you the location where Richard Winters and men of Easy Company silenced four 105mm guns that were shelling Utah Beach on D-Day morning.


We will stop briefly to show you one of our favourite monuments in Normandy. Richard Winters was chosen to represent leadership due to his world wide fame from the TV mini-series, Band of Brothers.


We will take time to explain the significance of this beautiful small village. This was an objective for the 101st Airborne to help the forces landing on Utah Beach.


Situated approximately 5 miles from Carentan, the small village of Angoville-Au-Plain witnessed heavy fighting between the German Paratroopers and American Paratroopers that dropped close by at dropzone D. After our 101st Airborne briefing, you will then hear the incredible story of two Airborne Medics. Kenneth Moore and Robert Wright displayed not only courage but also humanity during the desperate struggle to take this small area of Normandy.


During our visit, there is ample opportunity to eat in one of the many restaurants or cafes located here. Please bear in mind though that lunch is not provided with the tour and is at your own expense.


During World War Two, the Nazis were in the process of building the Atlantik Wall; a series of fortifications from Norway to the border of France and Spain. Stretching for over 2000 miles, this formidable construction of fortifications was designed to try and prevent an Allied landing in the west. One such site was located at the Pointe Du Hoc in Normandy. Consisting of 6 long range gun positions and many other concrete bunkers, it posed a real threat to Allied shipping on D-Day. As this battery was right between the two American landing beaches, Allied planners had no choice but to knock out this position. Here you will hear the incredible stories of bravery shown by US Army Rangers who had to scale nearly 100 feet of cliffs to destroy the guns.


You will hear the story of "the Bedford Boys", a group of 30 young men from Bedford Virginia, a town of 3,200. All of whom had joined the National Guard before the outbreak of WW2 and had then been incorporated into Company A, 116th Infantry, 29th Division. Prior to D-Day, they were chosen to be the first wave to land on Omaha Beach, Dog Green Sector, which was the best defended and toughest of the invasion points on that historic day.


The Normandy American Cemetery covers 172 acres and is the final resting place for many thousands of service men and women. You will have sufficient time to explore the memorial before taking the time to reflect in the cemetery. Four women and three Medal of Honor recipients, including Theodore Roosevelt Jr, are some of the most notable people buried here.


Bayeux is the home of the Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. It is also known as the first major city secured by the Allies in France. Charles de Gaulle made two famous speeches in this town. The population is about 15000 inhabitants.

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